About Us

At Mantis Den we specialise in providing praying mantis and other invertebrates in to the hobby for you to enjoy! We also specialise in manufacturing acrylic enclosures and products and are currently working for multiple brands on various products .

Our Story

Mantis Den is owned by me (Liam) and I’ve always enjoyed different exotic animals. I started off mantis den inside my spare bedroom where i said to my wife ” I’m only going to get a couple of mantis please don’t let me go too crazy.” Well that didn’t last long!  From there i built a log cabin in the garden and continued to expand collecting all the best and rarest mantis i could get. 

I then started manufacturing enclosures and they were very quickly a huge hit, so i then moved to my first unit at the start of 2022, it didn’t last long as 7 months down the line i started moving in to two larger units to increase my operation and here we are now!

Mantis Den Gallery