Welcome To Mantis Den

We take great pleasure in bringing you something different in the way of exotic pets. Our greatest passion is within the invertebrate hobby, specialising in providing praying mantis for sale in the UK. Our main goal is for our customers to feel the same excitement we do over the insect species we can provide.

Praying Mantis For Sale?

Our speciality lies with the sourcing and breeding of a wide variety of praying mantis species. We are sure to be able to supply you with familiar favourites, such as the Giant Asian species, or if you’re looking for something more exclusive, we often get special stock in for individuals wanting something more unheard of.

We also supply a range of different inverts, such as scorpions, centipedes, spiders and more for those with a taste for something different!

If you are looking for mantids in Germany then please visit our partner store : www.mysterymantis.de

giant african praying mantis sphodromantis viridis
Tarachodes afzelii tanzanian ground praying mantis
tailless whip scorpion
regal jumping spider

What Can You Expect?

Our insects are given quality care and attention before being available for sale, so you can be confident that purchasing through us will leave you with healthy, thriving animals.

small thistle praying mantis

We offer delivery across the whole of Europe, ensuring the safe arrival of your order as quickly as possible. We also supply for wholesale, so get in touch if you need more information. Find out more about our delivery policies here.

Most of all, we work hard to provide a friendly, professional service from initial enquiries through to post-sale queries. Whether you have questions about our stock or mantis care, we will be more than happy to help. Contact us on Facebook – Mantis Den.

Look out for us at the UK Invertebrate shows. To find out where we are next, head to our social channels…

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